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Dr. Andrew Summers



After seeing the number of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) in Australia rapidly grow, much like the rest of the world, we created an intelligent and easily accessible service to simply provide help and education to those affected.

STICK exists to solve the growing STI epidemic, increasing the number of people tested and therefore treated will enable us to help reduce the number of STI’s in the community.

STiCK is a discrete digital screening questionnaire which takes minutes to complete. We created STICK to allow people to screen themselves using clinically designed questionnaires. Based on clinically designed pathways, we recommend tests that suit your circumstances and risk. You can then purchase a pathology request form that allows you to get tested at pathology labs across Australia.

STiCK is part of the HealthCK brand which aims to serve as your digital doctor. HealthCK was created to address these questions across healthcare and extend this approach to provide answers for many clinical questions the public needed help in answering. HealthCK is the tool to bring medical understanding and answers to everyone.


HealthCK was founded by Dr Andrew Summers, a British GP from Leeds, United Kingdom. He graduated from the University of Leeds in 1989. Following surgery and medical posts in Yorkshire, he then commenced in General Practice.

He then moved into General Practice taking up a principal role in a partnership specialising in Paediatrics, Mental Health, Asthma Management, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. He gained further experience working in the private health care sector in the UK, Europe and USA. Dr Summers then moved to Perth, Western Australia where he continued his areas of specialist interest and has undertaken extended training in Mental Health services and provision as well as successfully completing the Fellowship Exam for the Australian Royal College of GP’s. He is also the Medical Director of a business owning several medical practices across Perth with a focus on high quality family practice and mental health services.